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The Praise Props Shoppe

Instructional Books/Videos/Worship Resources


"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being My priest."
Hosea 4:6

NOTE:  I've found these wonderful teaching resources that stress the importance of having a heart for worship and use sound, scriptural teaching - very important as we lift up the Lord with our 'props' to help us to worship with clean hands and a pure heart.  No returns/exchanges/refunds unless defected.  Immediate delivery based on availability.
Praise/Worship Dance Videos
Focused - Dance The Word
(running time - approximately 45 minutes)
When life's challenges push you to the limits - Focus on God and experience wonders you've never imagined!  Through Dance, Music, and God's Word, Focused will help you see past your weakness and fear and into God's strength and love. 
Featuring music by: Louis Brittz, Scatt Springs, David Crowder, Casting Crowns, Passion, and Selah - 1) Youre The Air I Breathe  2) Still Standing  3) Oh Praise Him  4) Who Am I  5) Noise We Make  6) You are my Hiding Place  7) Praise You With The Dance  8) Never Alone
This video gives a wide variety of types of ministry through the dance -- everything from hip-hop and ballet to a cool warfare dance.  It even includes some teaching on the importance of putting God first in your life as well as presenting the salvation message. 
The production is professional and the dance is anointed.  I've personally watched this video over and over again and have been blessed every single time.  For both the saved and unsaved -
certainly an effective ministry-tool for all who love the dance.
DVD - $19.95/each
(running time - approximately 38 minutes)
I enjoyed Tamra Bracken's "Focused" video so much, I've decided to also carry her first one.  This is another great video from Tamra that all dance ministries or individuals who are interested in praise dance would benefit watching.  The choreography and teaching in this video is certainly anointed, and the focus is always on the ministry of the dance.  Featuring music by Steven Curtis Chapman, Carman, Rich Mullins and a Ragamuffin Band, Delirious, and Petra.  "Freedom" is filled with inspiring messages that come to life through dance, mime, music, and God's Word.  Freedom will help you to see ways to be set free through salvation, deliverance, the power of prayer, and God's Holiness.  Come journey with us as we see that , "He who the Son sets free, is free indeed!"
VHS (sorry, no DVD available) - $17.95
Instructional Videos
Flag Beginners
(Part 1)
(use with manual "Lift Up HIS Banner - Beginner")
approximately 60 minutes in length
This is a perfect beginner's user manual for churches or individuals who are just getting started with praise and worship with flags.  The video teaches 13 patterns (based on scripture).  Intermediate and Advanced videos are available upon request.
$15.95/each (VHS)
Now available on DVD! - $17.95/each
Streamer Beginners
(Part 1)
"Fanfare of Streamers (Part 1 of 2 tapes)
This video teaches the basics of lifting up the Lord with streamers. It teaches 13 streamer patterns with scriptural signficance and is approximately 60 minutes in length.  Part 2 is available upon request.
$15.95/each (VHS)
Tambourine Beginners - Part 1
(use with manual "Make a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord")
~ Sorry, currently out-of-stock ~
A great start for learning how to do praise, worship, and warfare with the tambourine.  Teaches 6 tambourine patterns based on scripture.  Approximately 60 minutes in length.  Part 2 and Intermediate & Advanced teaching tapes are available upon request.
$15.95/each (VHS)
Prayer Warm Up
(Part 1)
(approx. 60 minutes)
The Prayer Warm Ups is an instructional video teaching dances of interpretive movements to worship songs This video is professionally done and is taught by a wonderful teacher of dance ministry, Margrate Yap.  The worship songs used are "Draw Me Nearer to You" and "How I Love You".  A great place to start if you are a beginner worship dancer.
$15.95/each (VHS)

Instructional Books
*New Item*
"Creative Arts & Spiritual Warfare"
(66 pages and comb bound.)
A biblical study concerning the importance of the "Creative Arts" and how they relate to Spiritual Warfare.  This manual explains that after studying and applying God's Word we discover that it is inevitable that as we worship, spiritual warfare is wedged against the forces of darkness.  As more and more realize the awesome significance God Himself has established in His Word, it brightens dark and hopeles world with the resolution that we can do something about it.  The battle belongs to the LORD. 
"Do not fear or be dismayed because of this great multitude, for the battle is not yours, but God's." 
2 Chronicles 20:15b
His Love - My Banner
("Fanfare of Streamers Part 1 & 2 videos complement this book)
This is a biblical study of the streamers and banners.  It teaches on the colors significance, and also teaches the basic movements on the streamers and ideas on the tambourine and flag patterns which can be adapted to the streamers in worship.  It is 42 pages and comb bound.
Lift up His Banner-Beginners
(beginner flag videos complement this book)
This book is an instructional manual on the art of flag twirling.  The rudiments of how to handle and master the flag twirling techniques are covered in this illustrated book.  The manual contains techniques known as flag routines and various combinations known as strategies.  As you lean to worship the Lord with this skill, may the name of Jesus Christ be lifted up "Jehovah Nissi-the Lord our Banner."
Make a Joyful Noise unto the Lord
(Currently out-of-stock)
(beginner videos complement this book)
This book has 22 choreographed patterns that make the tambourine movements more meaningful and worshipful.  Some movements have significant references to the scriptures and the ribbons that are attached to the tambourine begomes a banner as it is being waved and lifted in the air.  The basic dance steps are introduced at each level of tambourine and the skill of dancing increases with the skill of tambourine level.  The book contains the Beginner and Intermediate levels of instruction.  126 pages with illustrated photos.